Our Kids Empowered

Our Kids Empowered's mission is to strengthen children, parents, and families through teaching simple and effective empowerment tools.

We want to keep it simple because that is the best way to be consistent. It only takes 5-10 minutes per day to make a difference in the life of your child, yourself, and your entire family. Being consistent is the best way to create lasting change. We believe that the best place for a child to learn things is in the home and by their parents. Our tools are targeted to children, but they are effective for all ages, and we encourage parents to use these tools for themselves. As a parent you will create the biggest change for your child by being an example, and by understanding the benefits of the tools you are teaching.

The Values We Promote

Sense of Self Worth

Understanding your worth is essential to feeling empowered and having confidence and resilience. Our tools focus heavily on creating a sense of self worth through self care, increasing positive thoughts, and awareness. 

Understanding the Power of Choice

It is easy to feel that we don't have control of our lives. The power we have to make choices is where our real power lies. We can choose our thoughts, and as an effect of this, have more control of our emotions. We can choose our actions, words, and how we react to situations. That is real power!

The Feeling of Safety That Comes When We Have a Sense of Self Worth and Understand the Power of Choice

When we know our worth and understand how powerful our choices are, we feel safe. Safety is the real goal. When our brain doesn't feel safe, it creates a feeling that something is wrong. We can always look back at either worth or power and see what we can work on to increase our safety.