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What’s Different About Our Kids Empowered?

There are a few other businesses out there that focus on teaching kids empowerment tools.  What makes Our Kids Empowered different? There are 4 main things that make us unique: we make it simple, we give you options, we want YOU to be your child's main teacher, and we love to give you things for free. 

1) We Make it Simple

What's Different About Our Kids Empowered 1

Parenting isn't simple. As a mom of 6 kids, I know this is true with all my heart! I am one to get big ambitions that aren't realistic and try to implement them. I have done this time and time again and it NEVER works! When I decided to start Our Kids Empowered, I knew it had to be simple. There is no other way for a busy parent. So I got to work brainstorming how it could be simple.

It Only Takes 5-10 Minutes Each Day

Your time is precious, and you have so many things to do. Cramming One. More. Thing. in doesn't sound fun. I know this feeling all too well. That's why I decided to make it possible to only spend 5-10 minutes per day. I know even  5-10 minutes seems like a lot on a consistent basis, but it's about priorities. Do you want your kids to have a positive mindset that will help them for the rest of their lives? Do you want your kids to have tools that will help them through hard times? Of course the answer is yes! Spending 5-10 minutes will be so worth it in the end. I promise. 

Little To No Preparation

Our lesson plans add another dimension of simple in the fact that there is little preparation involved. You don't have to know the lesson content before you teach it to your kids. All you have to do is make sure you have the items needed. Everything is usually included in the lesson plans, but every once in awhile you will need a simple item. Other than making sure you have everything you need on hand, all you have to do is open to the lesson and go. You can even read the lesson word for word if you want!

2) We Give You Options

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I am an options person. Options are powerful, and it's always nice to know there is another way to do things if one way isn't working. When I decided to make our lesson plans simple and only 5-10 minutes/day, I got some feedback that some may prefer a more traditional style lesson plan. That is why I created 2 versions of each lesson: The Daily Version and the Full Version.

The Daily Version

The Daily Version contains lesson plans broken down into 5-10 minutes each day. This is a great option for us busy moms who aren't sure where to find the time. It does require consistency, but once you get a routine down, it's really easy and rewarding. This is also a great option because it gives a little bit of information each day, which is just what we need to create lasting change and learning. 

The Full Version 

 The Full Version takes one week of lesson plans and puts it into one lesson. These lessons usually take about 45 minutes. The Full Version is meant to given once/week to give your children time to process the information and practice the tools. If you have a set time each week to work on empowerment, this might be a great option for you.

3) We Want YOU To Be Your Child's Main Teacher

What's Different About Our Kids Empowered 2

The idea of being your child's main teacher might be a scary thought for some of us. That's a lot of pressure! You don't have to be your child's ONLY teacher, but you are definitely his first and main teacher whether you know it or not. You are his main influence and example, and because of this you can be a very powerful teacher for him. 

It's important for you to learn and use the empowerment tools along with your child. As you learn along with him, you will grow as well. Since you are familiar with the tools and concepts, it will be easy for you to help guide him as he needs direction. I promise this will be life changing for you as well as your child. It is an amazing, incredible adventure!

4) We Love Giving You Things for FREE!

Our first goal isn't to sell you stuff. It is to help you make a difference for your child, your family, and yourself. We have a free resource library that we are always adding to! Here you will find free resources, printables, tips, and lesson plans to get you started and introduce you to some of our tools and concepts. 

Get Access To Our Free Resource Library


Our Kids Empowered has a few key differences from other child empowerment companies. 

  • We make it simple. 
    • We do our best to make teaching your kids realistic by making our lesson plans require no preparation from you. The lessons only take 5-10 minutes a day. It is very possible!
  • We give you options
    • We know that no everyone is the same, so we give you 2 versions of each lesson: a full version, which takes 45 minutes once/week and a daily version which takes 5-10 minutes each day. 
  • We want YOU to be your child's main teacher. 
    • You are the most important influence in your child's life, and you can teach them best. 
  • We love to give you things for free!
    • Make sure to sign up for our free resource library to gain access!

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