Taya Fisher

I Am Passionate About Helping Parents Teach Their Kids Empowerment Tools to Increase Their Confidence, Sense of Self-Worth, Manage Emotions, and Much More... It Only Takes Minutes a Day... So You Can Be Assured Your Kids Have the Best Future Possible.

Taya Fisher, Certified Neuro Life Coach, EFT practitioner, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, Wife, and Mother

Who is Taya and What Does She Know About This Stuff?

Certified Neuro Life Coach

I am certified as a Neuro Life Coach by Angela Bell. I have in depth knowledge about the brain and how it works. I understand how to train your brain to get the results you want. I am passionate about doing this work for myself and for others.

Mother of 6

My kids are my pride and joy, and they sure have given me a lot of experience! I am not a perfect mother by any means. I have my days and moments for sure. But I have learned a lot through the years. Some of my children also have special needs. 

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

I am a COTA with experience in many areas. I have worked in the school system, home health, skilled nursing facilities, and transitional rehab. My knowledge in OT gives me an in depth understanding of the whole person. 

Certified EFT Practitioner

EFT tapping is such an incredible tool to help process emotions. It is so easy to learn, powerful, effective, and fast. I am passionate about EFT, and I love teaching it to my clients, my children, and anyone who will listen! 

I am a mom just like you (unless you're a dad). My husband, Greg, and I have been married for 16 years, and we have 6 beautiful children. My oldest chld is 14 years old, and the youngest is 3, with everyone else 2 years (give or take) apart. My kids have taught me so much, and I have grown up right along with them. We are a homeschool family, which is one of my greatest passions and joys. It is seriously amazing to teach my own children and to see them understand something for the first time. Sure, there are many frustrating and stressful things about this education route, but overall it has been very rewarding for the entire family. It is exciting to find passions together, and we have so much amazing quality time because of this choice to homeschool. My passion for teaching my kids and rewards of doing so is part of why Our Kids Empowered exists. 

Some Things About Me:

  • I love spending time with family and friends. I have amazing family, and friends who feel like family. I couldn't ask for better people in my life.
  • I love creating! I love painting, sewing, crochet, writing, and really any kind of art or craft. One of my favorite things to do with my kids is create. We have recently been doing watercolor together, which has been so fun!
  • I am an entrepreneur at heart. Our Kids Empowered is my 4th business. My first business was making and selling hairbows and pillowcase dresses on Ebay. Next, I explored video editing, and created a digital memory business. I still own my 3rd business, Ladybug Bend, which sells sewing patterns. 
  • I love to travel. Our most recent vacations have been to Canada to visit family and to Mexico to participate in a family humanitarian project. We also love doing mini trips/vacations close to where we live (Utah)
  • I love the outdoors and being outside, though I don't love extremely hot and cold temperatures. 

Some Things That May Surprise You About Me (But Shouldn't!)

First of all, I am not a perfect mother! I am so far from it. I have my moments when I lose my temper, I don't always want to be around my kids, I am not always full of wonderful words of wisdom. My kids are also not perfect or free of negative thoughts, poor self-esteem, and the likes. We have lots of hard things in our lives (explained below), and they have to deal with them. I also have multiple children with various special needs, which is its own can of worms.

I don't do it all, and I don't think you should either. Yes, it is powerful to teach your own kids, but that doesn't mean you have to be everything. I have kids who have been to counseling and kids who go to speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. I find mentors for my kids to teach the things that are above my head, or when they don't want to listen to me. Motherhood definitely isn't all roses and rainbows, and I get that. 

When I say I am a homeschool mom, that might give you an idea of kids staying home in their pajamas all day, never combing their hair and never seeing other kids. When I was a kid, it was 'weird' to homeschool, and maybe it still is, but now that I'm in the homeschool world, it just feels normal.. When I say homeschool, I mean that we are 'alternative schoolers'. My kids participate in so many activities and classes outside the home. We are rarely home! I love and look forward to the rare days where we do get to stay in pajamas all day (but really 'we' doesn't include me) and shut the doors to the outside world. And some days maybe the kids don't get their hair combed, but who does those things everyday anyway?

I don't have it all together, and I won't pretend to. I still have those negative thoughts that creep up, and I have to work through them. I use the same strategies I teach at Our Kids Empowered to keep my brain under control. It is always a work in progress, and I will never be done.

How I Got Where I am Now

Looking at us, we might seem like the perfect family. We are so blessed to have many beautiful children. It might seem like we have it all together. We do our best, but we have been handed our fair share of difficulty and trials. When our oldest son (2nd child) was 3, he was diagnosed with Autism. This completely threw me for a loop. I went through a big grieving process as I dealt with the emotions of having a child who didn't fit the mold I had for him in my mind. Sometimes the grief still comes, especially as he is getting close to puberty and is having some big problems now. 

My son's Autism diagnosis was the first thing that started me on the path to where I am now. My mind was opened up to a new way of thinking. I learned to be more understanding, less judgmental, and more compassionate. I learned so much about Autism, and this is when I started being very interested in Sensory Integration. I had learned about it in school and found it interesting, but working with my son was the first time I had to really apply it and see the techniques work. 

When I was pregnant with my 5th child, I was determined to have him unmedicated. I decided to use Hypnobirthing, and it was amazing!!! It was seriously one of the most empowering and beautiful experiences I had ever had. My doula taught me so much about my brain and how it worked. She taught me about the power of thoughts, and she taught me EFT tapping.

My First Experience With EFT Tapping

The first time I used tapping was so incredible I couldn't even believe it. I was so distraught over a conflict with a neighbor. I couldn't stop thinking about it, I couldn't sleep, and it was causing me so much stress. I was 38 weeks pregnant with my 5th child, and I was worried that the stress was going to make me pregnant forever (if you have been pregnant you know you really do have these irrational concerns!). I called my doula, and she taught me tapping. I tapped for about 30 minutes, and then went to bed. Now I couldn't sleep because I was so excited that all of the stress, concern, and anguish over the interaction with my neighbor was GONE. It was seriously GONE! I couldn't believe it, and I was so very grateful to learn such a simple, powerful, and effective tool!

My 6th Child's Birth

Fast forward 20 months to the birth of my 6th child. I won't go into a lot of detail here, but it was very traumatic. My son's umbilical cord ruptured right before he was born, there was panic, and he was pulled out forcefully. He was born unresponsive, not breathing, and barely alive. The next day we would find that he had a Brachial Plexus Injury, and that his right arm was completely paralyzed.

This was a very difficult event to process and come to term with. I had PTSD, and couldn't stop playing the birth in my mind. Over and over and over. It was torture. I blamed myself, and the guilt ate me up like nothing else. My doula, Marie, (the same one from my 5th child's birth) stepped up once again and offered to help me process the traumatic birth and all that it entailed. 

My doula tapped with me (EFT) many times, and it made such a difference. She also used some hypnotherapy, which was amazing too. I started to realize how important my thoughts and emotions are to the results I get in my life. I realized how important it is to continuously work on myself and my thoughts, and to understand how to manage my emotions. I became passionate about this, and wanted to learn more and more and more! I wanted to make the kind of difference in someone else's life that she made in mine. 

I have discovered that good mentors are so important. Mentors can see your life and problems in a way that you can't. They are removed from it and the emotions it causes. They also don't have the same faulty programs going on in their brains, so they can think differently and more clearly. I have had many mentors who have taught me, guided me, and helped me to see things differently. 

More Family Trials

When our 6th child was about 15 months old, our world was tipped upside down yet again. This time it was tipped much more than it had been before. After a lengthy and scary ICU stay, my husband was diagnosed with Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (vEDS). In a nutshell, it means that the collagen that holds his arteries, veins, and hollow organs together is faulty. His arteries rupture spontaneously. Median life expectancy is only 47, which changed everything about how we saw our future as a family.

To add to this blow even more, vEDS is genetic, and it is dominantly inherited. That means that each of my children had a 50% chance of having vEDS themselves. It took us almost a year to be ready to have them tested. 3 of my 6 children have vEDS. This knowledge has been life-changing for our family. It has been a lot to deal with and a lot for our kids to deal with. 

I have had people reach out to me through this trial as well, and helped me work on my thoughts and faulty programs in my brain to make positive changes in my life despite all of the hard things in it. We all have hard things, and it is important that we can find the opportunities in these circumstances and not just become victims. It is so easy to be a victim. 

Becoming a Life Coach

Shortly after my husband was diagnosed with vEDS, I was introduced to Angela Bell and her life coaching program at a conference. I had been trying to find a way to support my family while also being able to have the lifestyle I wanted for me and the kids. I especially at least wanted the option to continue homeschooling, even if I was widowed. I was intrigued by the idea of becoming a life coach. It seemed like exactly what I wanted to do. It was perfect. I signed up for Angela's program, and throughout the course of a year, I certified as a Neuro Life Coach and in EFT Tapping through the program. I love coaching, and I am passionate about it. 

Our Kids Empowered is Born

I have learned so many amazing things in my training and experience and from many mentors. I have always wanted to share it with my kids, but it was hard to get around to doing it. It was always something I pushed to later. After a very big crisis situation with one of my kids I realized I can't wait any longer. My kids need this NOW. Your kids need this NOW. We all need this NOW. What would our world be like if every kid had these tools? How much brighter of a future would they have? Where would I be if I had these tools as a child? Having these tools could have saved me from some pain, confusion, and wandering aimlessly looking for answer.s. I would be so much better off if I knew how to manage my thoughts as a child.  What an incredible difference this can make in so many lives.  

I always knew I wanted to help moms, and I found a way to help both moms and kids. The idea of Our Kids Empowered came to me at a moment I least expected it. I felt very inspired, and a lot of ideas just came to me. It was a very powerful experience! I knew how I could do everything I hoped to do. I could help my kids, their friends, and parents to learn these tools in a very unique way. As a mom, I know that moms want the best for their children - usually more than they want it for themselves! But you need to go first if you want to make the biggest impact in your kids' lives. I encourage you to not only teach these things to your kids, but to apply them to your own life as well.