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Improve your child's sense of self-worth, ability to make decisions, regulate emotions, social skills, and so much more.  It only takes 5-10 minutes a day!


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There are other businesses out there that focus on teaching kids empowerment tools. What makes Our Kids Empowered different? In this post we outline 4 reasons Our Kids Empowered is different.

Our thoughts are like seeds. The type of seed you plant in a garden determines what grows. The type of thoughts you have determine what kind of results you get in life. Are you planting plant seeds or weed seeds?

Using positive language is a powerful way to train your brain to think positive thoughts. Try teaching your kids some of these positive affirmations.

What are empowerment tools and how can they help your kids? Our definition of empowerment is to give kids the confidence, courage, and power to meet their full potential. We want kids to feel comfortable in their own skin, to know and see their own worth, and to understand the power they have to make decisions. Learn some specific tools for empowering your kids.

About Me

I'm Taya. I'm a homeschooling mother to 6 beautiful kids. I am a Certified Neuro Life Coach and a Certified Occupatonal Therapy Assistant. I am passionate about teaching kids to see their worth and potential through using simple yet effective tools. 

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